Included with each Custom Map

Each map is 24"x30"x3"
Each custom map has the following components that are included with each map:

1. Airport Information Block

You can put any text in the title block that you want. You can customize it to show a company logo or personal information. Included in the title block is an LED showing the current weather METAR for that airport.

2. Wind Sock

Each Map has a 3D printed wind sock that is 3" long showing the current direction of the wind. The winds sock adjusts position as the airport winds change

3. Display

The display shows the weather for the airport on your map. The top line shows the airport and the current time in Zulu. The second line shows the current wind direction and speed, including gusts, if any. The third line has scrolling MOS weather for that airport.

4. Wind Strip

Each map includes a strip of LEDs to show the wind speed. When winds are gusting, the LED corresponding to the gust speed will glow dim to bright.

5. Custom Sectional area with METARs

The sectional can be zoomed in to an area 50nm around your airport, or zoomed out to show the entire lower 48. Or anything in between. We include 25 METARs in LED lights, any more than that will be an extra charge. Contact us for more information. Each METAR has an accompanying text label to make it easier to read.

6. Airport Diagram Overlay

All airports that have an Airport Diagram has the data from that chart overlayed over the image.

Make it Your Own

Our weather map connects wirelessly to the internet and downloads weather for your airport, and METAR information for airports of your choice.

Create your own custom Airport Weather Map.

Working with one of our artists, you can modify the artwork any way you want.

You choose the airport.

You choose the layout, portrait or landscape.

You choose how much sectional area to show the METARS you want.

You can custom write your own title block.

Add custom art, like highlighting a hangar, or house.